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Why “Eat Less and Clean, Exercise More” Does Not Work​

“For over 2 decades, my body went through a rollercoaster ride of losing weight and gaining it all back again. With so many different diets, so many bodybuilding contests, so many different approaches, and so many coaches and books, I still couldn’t keep my body lean all the time.

What if you are stuck in this lose-weight-gain-weight cycle forever? What if I can guide you through a way to keep your body lean always? What if I can show you the missing link in the traditional diet approach?”

– Marian Leonte, Company Owner

Get your assessment 


is a must before you commit to start a fitness program, to check the level of fitness you are, and see what improvements you can do in order to have a healthy life, prevent diseases, injuries later on

  • General health evaluation - RHR, RBP, peak flow
  • Body composition - skin measurements, BMI
  • Dynamic Fitness Assessment - flexibility test, Cooper 1.5 Mile, Queen College Step Test, Multistage Fitness Test
  • Muscular endurance tests
  • Muscular strength tests
  • £120 discounted for limited time £60

Eat, Exercise, and Live the Right Way

Diets are not concerned with long-term results because if they were, we wouldn’t have a multibillion-dollar diet industry. What if Leotrainer ltd in the UK told you that most dieters will regain the weight they've lost within a year? Truth be told, this happens up to 95% of the time.

In today's hyper-fast world, we demand instant results, which includes having a gorgeous body. Hence, body transformation goals start right and strong, with all the hopes and dreams, but, before you know it, you have lost all your motivation. 

Taking You to a Journey of Life Transformation

It is not about what you eat, it is about when and how often do you eat. By extending the periods between your meals just a bit, you lower your glucose level and give your body a chance to do what it does naturally–burn fat for energy. With intermittent fasting, Leotrainer ltd will take you to a journey of life transformation.

We carry out personalised coaching, guidance, tailored consultation subscriptions, and customised diet plan through membership plans. Marian Leonte’s extensive military fitness-related background and more than 2 decades of body transformation will change your relationship with food and help you stay consistent in getting fit.

We will be with you to guide you on your journey to personal health and success. Contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. We guarantee results or you get your money back! You can also check out our other endorsements here. 

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“Leo has been monitoring my progress for the last few months now and has helped me to build myself up and lose the excess weight thanks to his training program, i exercise with him regularly on a weekly basis to improve my stamina and conditioning levels. He knows exactly what i should and should not be doing and advises me on what to do very carefully. I will be recommending him to people i know without a second thought.”

– A. Fernando, Director, Skynnexav

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